Right from the start of the world, mankind has been teaching the next generation ways of life and techniques to make it better which consisted of hunting and growing food, making weapons for protection against wild animals, finding shelter. As the human race modernized the need to educate upcoming generation is there but the form and type of education has changed. With the changing trends of the world the educational trends are also changing. The changing trends are giving rise to many issues which are not only faced by the students but also the teaching staff and parents.

Education brings about positive changes not only in the society but also the personal lives of people. It is generally thought that a well-educated person has a clear mind with good judgement and logical thinking. An educated person is skilled and can analytically put good use of the knowledge. But where there are many gains of the education there are several issues to it as well. Dissatisfaction is just to name one out of all, it has been observed that more educated a person more complex he becomes, not taking life in its real form but asking a lot more than what it really is.

In our country there are institutes big and small in almost every corner and on every road. But unfortunately education has merely become a business, a way of earning alone, it is not imparting the real essence of education into the young generation as it is required. Lectures and notes are sold for high amount of money in the name of fees. There was a time when teachers were the real soul makers, they used to worry about the future of their pupil disregarding the amount they could earn in the number of hours they worked. Perhaps that is why the generation before us was actually educated. The trending ways have turned the teachers into sellers and students as buyers.

The world is advancing, technology is moving at a faster pace, each day a new invention takes place bringing us closer to the technological worlds and away from the natural lives. The splendor of computers has taken over us; so much that our new born babies sleep to the sound of music on cell-phone and food is cooked on fireless stove. This is all the wonder of education. Had the mankind not educated, we would have been the same stone-age people hunting and living near nature.

I in no way am against latest education and technology, and do not even intend to preach against it, but the fast track education system with its many flaws and on top of that leaving behind a large number of worthy humans behind just because they cannot afford pains me.

Let’s just talk about a few of the many trends and issues in education in our country.

Current Issues in Education

With the modernization of the world where there are benefits, many issues are also occurring. In the education sector alone technology, advancements and change of perspectives of people has brought about many changes. Education has become a business and there are institutes everywhere, there are universities in small buildings and schools in small streets, the idea of a school or university providing not only education but also the opportunity to excel in sports and learn the best of behavior has lost somewhere in the race of being ahead of others. There are many schools that do not even concentrate on the syllabus they teach or the teachers that teach them and on top of that the government doesn’t even pay much attention to such institutes. There are college dropouts not only because of the lack of interest in studies but because of the costly education. The quality institutes are expensive and the inexpensive ones are not up to the mark. Another big issue is that the government owned institutes provide recognized degrees but not the quality education whereas private institutes stipulate good education but the degrees that students receive are not recognized by the government, due to which many students suffer even in their later lives. In short the biggest issue of the education system in our country is that there is not one pattern of everyone.

Research Topics in Education

Where there are many changes taking place it is required the education system should excel in research and development. Many institutes are working hard towards the development of the research projects but there is still much more that is to be achieved in our educational system. Our system needs to work on the development of Artificial Intelligence which can be beneficial for the teachers letting them concentrate more on the students than the paper work that they are burdened with, also the students can benefit from it as it can act as a learning companion. Computer Assisted Instruction system is also a very good idea where the students can learn in a visual and interesting environment and can grasp more than the usual method of teaching. It includes multimedia to visualize whatever you read, in this way students retain more information as compared to the book alone method. Integrated Learning system is also beneficial for many as it enables the students to learn at their own pace relieving them from the general pressurized environment, the purpose is to teach not to force education. Web Based Instructions are great for the students who can learn when on the go.

Education Policy Issues

There are many flaws in the educational policies of Pakistan as compared to those countries who have concentrated on their educational systems and their literacy rates have greatly increased. The biggest policy issue is that we do not possess the same policy for all institutes. There is board system in which whole text books are crammed by the students during which the basic understanding of the subjects is ignored altogether and then on the other hand the Cambridge system is also present for the fortunate ones who only grasp the concepts and write by their own understanding of the subjects. There is regional disparity, the system may not be as well developed in the provinces that are less developed or may be less concentrated upon. The separation of syllabi is also a policy issue, along with the difference of medium. Schools and colleges are divided by the societal class as well, institutes that cater the lower class teach Urdu medium syllabus whereas upper class institutes strictly follow English medium not only to teach but to speak as well.

Latest Trends in Education

With all out flaws and drawbacks we cannot say our country is any less than anyone. I myself am taught and brought up in the same system and have learned a lot within the same country. I only wish that the whole country moves side by side on the same level and no life is left behind. The latest trends in education system in Pakistan are the Career and Technical Education which is enabling students to choose wisely the career of their choice. It is also working towards building Skills in students so that they excel in the fields they choose and are no behind anyone. Character Education is also trending to instill behavior, manner and socializing abilities and develop good citizens and humans. Students are also provided the environment of Critical Thinking so that new ideas and approaches can be added to the already available systems.


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